Domestic assistance

At Ceaseless Home Care We can assist with a variety of tasks around the house.

When circumstances change, staying on top of things that needs to be done on a regular basis—from cleaning and shopping to washing clothes and paying bills—can quickly turn into a bit of a challenge. These tasks are crucial for keeping a clean and healthy home environment, but if they go uncompleted, they can also become stressful.

Although these jobs may not necessarily be the first that come to mind when people think of home care services, they are frequently very valued once our staff gets involved and gets to work.

Continuous carers will swiftly put an end to overflowing letter trays, heaps of filthy clothes, unclean dishes in the sink, weed-infested walks and patios, bills that need to be paid, and bird feeders that need to be refilled.

We can develop regular job schedules as part of an ongoing care plan, we can respond as needed to assist clear the decks, or we can set aside time each week to complete whatever needs to be done.

Speak to a member of our team to learn more about how we can support you